Saving Yandere

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Saving Yandere is one of those classic sudden girlfriend experiences in which a guy confesses his love to his crush, and he gets the best answer he could wish for. Not only that she accepts his love, but she’s into the idea of being his woman. However, this hot brunette babe is also a bit insane. She develops a crazy obsession with you. Here’s the girlfriend experience that you could never imagine. Enjoy a nympho girlfriend who fucks the soul out of you and wants all kinds of fetishes out of you. The graphics are pretty interesting. Enjoy!

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TW uuu @ 10:07:52 17-02-2023

yes! its great

VN Abcxyzkkk12 @ 00:54:38 19-02-2023

Good game

PE Alex @ 00:36:42 07-04-2023

Good game!!

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