Outland Wanderer

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Outland Wanderer comes with an excellent gay furry adventure play time in which you will take the role of a young adventurer who gets transported to another world, filled with monsters and furry gay jocks. In order to go back to your realm, you will need to interact with many of these jocks. Some of them will be friendly, while others will want to hurt you. This title is a mix of an adventure RPG and a gay dating simulator. There are 33 quests you can enjoy and 15 characters. You’ll have to collect items, manage stats and even win combat battles.

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SG Pou @ 02:22:06 27-02-2024

Woa i like game

AU Kdg @ 21:24:59 05-03-2024

Nice moment

CO suci @ 23:04:16 03-04-2024

okey, i like you much, really

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