My Girlfriend And My Futa Grandma

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My Girlfriend And My Futa Grandma is an excellent visual novel with four characters. There’s the girlfriend, a hot young French girl; the boyfriend, a clueless young man who discovers sexuality; plus the boyfriend’s mom and grandmother, who are both hiding some thick and long man sticks in their panties. And there are so many situations possible between the characters. But what’s special about this game is the fact that you can play it from the perspective of any of the four characters in the story. There are many possible kinks in this game, from futa on male and futa on female action to netorare, voyeurism, and sleeping kinks.

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US Bigcock @ 06:51:55 14-02-2024

not good in any shape or form.

MY DYJH @ 17:08:24 28-03-2024

Looking at the cover makes most gentlemen want to try it.

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