Free Tease Demo

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Project 2 is coming with a thrilling hentai mythical detective story in which a regular office clerk has his life turned upside down by an event that gives him supernatural powers of corruption. But will he be able to use his corruption abilities on others without becoming himself corrupt? Not at all. Lucky for the guy, he still has people who care about him. Your goal in this adventure is to help the main character find his sanity through the relationships he has with his loved ones. The original artwork of this visual novel and the depth of each character will make you forget that you’re actually playing an adult game.

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MY jay @ 10:03:24 09-09-2023

ok I like

DE Mostafa @ 00:56:38 17-09-2023


PL Yardo @ 06:36:45 17-09-2023

Super game !!!

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