Chromo XY

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Chromo XY is a classic gender-bender fantasy game in which you will play as a young scientist who accepts to be a guinea pig for his lab mate Rebecca's new drug. Before you know it, the drug turned you into a woman with big tits and a tight wet pussy. Your feminine version is so pretty and seductive that both Rebecca and another lab partner, Greg, take great interest in you. Will you be able to keep them focused on finding a way to turn you back? Or will you want to explore the many possibilities in your new irresistible body that will make your colleagues want to get dirty with you?

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KH Rath @ 18:38:02 14-08-2023

Nice for people to play this game

DE Kifferbee @ 18:03:26 15-08-2023

Ah ja gib es mir

US mojo jojo @ 00:03:35 18-09-2023

Great art and premise; but this game can't keep it's story straight to save its life. Describing the clothes shes wearing incorrectly, dev forgets which clothes she bought and which ones were donated; and thats directly after the shopping seen so no excuses for that fuck up. the seline thing happens before youre ever told about it. it's essentially random scenes thrown together so far that don't make much of an attempt to tie in canonically with the others.

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