5 Days of Separation: After Story

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5 Days of Separation: After Story is a neat little bonus that the developers of this Japanese NTR title gifted to their fans. And it’s a cuck’s biggest nightmare. His woman is claimed by the bull, who proposes a contest in which the winner gets to keep the hotwife. You will play from the perspective of the cuck, and it’s up to you if you get to keep your slutwife or lose it to the bull. If you thought watching your wife fucked by a better man was scarry, wait until you have to compete against that man for her. This title is quite nerve-wracking and not recommended for those who are trying to avoid NTR content.

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BG Deni @ 03:02:27 06-09-2023

Nice games

GB Ajmlk @ 18:46:35 09-09-2023

Ineed play sexy

TH [email protected] @ 16:27:37 13-09-2023

I really like these games!

US Mogy @ 00:19:32 16-09-2023

Yes I have to get

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