Wankalot – Games That Will Make You Wanking A Lot

The name of this site is pretty funny, but it’s also true. The collection is coming with some pretty addictive games. There are all kinds of kinks and fantasies in this collection. And there are also famous chicks to be fucked as video game characters. All the titles of this platform are brand new.

They look and play incredibly. The craftsmanship that went into these games is amazing. They look better than mainstream games used to look five years ago on Steam. And all you have to do to play them is to verify your age. Get ready to play hardcore games on Wankalot, but first, read all about it in our review below.

Porn Gaming Becomes More Interactive With Wankalot

Wankalot is one of the few sites that comes with compatibility for sex simulation devices. They are still working on implementing compatibility with the producers of these devices, but the list of available sex simulator toys will be posted on the site shortly. Now, imagine how awesome the gaming will be. I can’t wait until they integrate virtual reality technology with these interactive sex toys.

You will feel like you’re the one in the virtual world fucking all these chicks. And the games are coming with chicks you totally want to fuck. Besides all the original characters, which are well designed and smoking hot, you will also get sex parody games, in which you’ll enjoy all the famous chicks you wanted to fuck. On one hand, there are character skins modeled after famous celebrities, including Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, or Rihanna.

On the other hand, you also have famous characters from mainstream video games, which include all the classics like Lara Croft, Daenerys Targaryen or Black Widow, but also some characters you don’t usually see in porn games, such as Kim Possible, Judy Hops from Zootpoia and babes from Family Guy or The Simpsons. So, what are you waiting for? Get on Wankalot and play all their games for free, with no registration and no download. Play them on your computer, phone or any device that can run a browser. Enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Tons Of Games
  • Immersive Action
  • Fetish Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Ads Inside

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