VR Fuck Dolls review

Hey there friends and welcome back to our world-famous review platform for yet another to-tier analysis on a porn game! Today, I'm going to be spending a little time checking out a place by the name of VR Fuck Dolls. While not required, it's highly recommended that you have a virtual reality headset before playing this game: that way, you can fully enjoy all of the tools and elements that make this project so popular for gamers who've invested in VR devices. Now then, let's head on into the member's area for a full look at what's on offer here and whether or not VR Fuck Dolls is a game you'll be longing for on a daily basis.

First impressions of VRFuckDolls.com

So the first important thing that I want to mention with regard to VR Fuck Dolls is that while you're able to download a version of this game to your PC for local gameplay, it's actually entirely possible to enjoy VR Fuck Dolls using your browser and your browser alone. Support is provided for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge at the moment, but I'm sure that other browsers will run just fine – they're just not officially covered by the gang behind VR Fuck Dolls. If you do want a local version, you'll be happy to know that I spent a decent amount of time running the program through various anti-virus tools to make sure it was all cool and groovy: no problems whatsoever.

Gameplay at VRFuckDolls

So when you load up VRFuckDolls.com for the very first time, you'll be prompted to create a character. You can choose to play as a female if you wish, but I imagine most folks reading this are going to side with a male character – good choice! Once you've finished designing your dude, go ahead and enter the customization section for the fuck dolls. There are 100 slots by default that you can save to, with the ability to purchase additional ones if you want to expand your pool of available sex partners.

The level of customization you have over these sprites is actually incredible. There are 5 different hair settings, over 100 face bases to pick from, 15 sets of tits, 5 assholes and so on – you're basically given complete control over what the woman looks like and yeah: that's just perfect if you ask me. VR Fuck Dolls also has a few preprogrammed models if you don't want to build your own from scratch. These also include some porn stars, including Sasha Grey, Bridgette B Dillion Harper and Lisa Ann to name a few. They've also got celebrities here, but I'll let you see those for yourself – I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Game quality at VRFuckDolls

I must say: the control that you're then given over how you bang these fuck dolls is really quite remarkable. I think more options than less is better, so the fact that you've got over 40 different sex positions – with small controls over each one to further improve your experience – is stellar stuff. VR Fuck Dolls also allows you to pick from a range of voices, personality types and locations. The game is also programmed to optimize its graphics for whatever device you're on, so whether you've got a high-end or budget device for virtual reality, VR Fuck Dolls will be there to give you the very best experience possible. This is especially important if you haven't got the best device, since you'll want to make sure that it's not trying to run an extreme game that it's not capable of handling.

To add onto this, VR Fuck Dolls also include a small collection of just over 120 virtual reality porn videos for you to watch. These aren't produced in house, but they're pretty damn enjoyable and will show you some of the best pornstars around getting fucked in full realistic 4K quality.

Final analysis on VRFuckDolls

Okay friends – that's pretty much all that needs to be said on the topic of VR Fuck Dolls. I'm of the opinion that if you have a VR device and you're looking for a great spot to go for adult entertainment and gaming fun, this is the only place you need to consider. Virtual reality for gaming has only just started to become enjoyable, but places like VR Fuck Dolls are showing that the technology is there for the future to look incredible for horny gamers. Bottom line: check out the tour and if you like the preview content, grab yourself a free account and start playing VR Fuck Dolls today. Thanks for reading and enjoy your next jerking session!

Review Pros

  • Top quality VR
  • Bonus 4K videos
  • Supports all devices

Review Cons

  • Headset required

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