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Violent Sex Games review

Just a quick warning before we get any deeper into this game: if you're not someone who typically enjoys accessing content with a BDSM focus, it's probably best that you look for some gaming entertainment elsewhere. As the name suggests, Violent Games is a platform with a huge stash of goodies that're all focused on one thing: domination. We're talking about the very extremes of sexual submission here, so buckle up and be prepared to roll into a world of depravity, punishment and more. If you'd like to learn more, please continue reading down below for my full thoughts and feelings on ViolentSexGames.

First opinion on ViolentSexGames

So after creating an account here and signing in for the first time, I was presented with a huge list of available games that I was able to play immediately from my browser. It's probably worth mentioning quite early on that ViolentSexGames actually has a feature in place that'll allow you to download a launcher for Windows PCs – from the launcher, you can then go ahead and grab any of the titles produced by ViolentSexGames without any issues. As mentioned though, you can always just enjoy the browser-based versions of the games, since they're available for anyone running Safari, Firefox or Chrome – I'm sure that others are also compatible too.

ViolentSexGames currently has 17 games available to be played with a further 3 slated for release in the first 6 months of 2020, so if you're reading this in the future, it might well be the case that an account here entitles you to access over a few dozen different XXX titles. Violent Games also has a very detailed patch section where they share all of the juicy details on their latest project changes and balance updates. It's actually quite interesting how much information they put into the patch notes – you'll see that most games receive a monthly burst of love to make sure they're kept modern and functional.

Playing games

When it's time to load up a game here for the first time, I'd recommend sorting the list of available candidates based on their rating – ViolentSexGames has a rather large community and the titles at the top of this list are probably the best to look at. I decided I'd begin my personal adventure by playing Lord of Domination – a riveting title that I know everyone reading this is going to absolutely love.

In Lord of Domination, you'll find yourself as a rich and sadistic gentleman who owns a mansion – you'll be frequently visited by sexy sluts who want nothing more than to submit to your every desire and become your personal plaything. What's great about Lord of Domination is that you'll get to pick your pets and decide how to treat them on a day to day basis. While many of the girls start off quite tame to begin with, you'll have the ability to turn them into full-blown fucking machines with relatively little effort. Lord of Domination has a great achievements tracking system as well as an online mode too – the game was really quite fun and there's lots of support available in the official Wiki that's offered alongside the title.

Bonus XXX videos from ViolentSexGames

When you're just about done enjoying the hardcore gaming goodness, be sure to check out the BDSM porn video collection that's available from Violent Games. They're currently sitting on a stockpile of over 2,000 videos – all of which feature kinky sex in some variety or another. You're going to be seeing stuff like hardcore spanking, extreme bondage, throat fucking and so on. Violent Games has a number of different sources for their kinky uploads too, so no matter what type of violent porn you're interested in, these guys likely have something that's going to scratch that itch.

My final thoughts on ViolentSexGames

So yeah – that just about does it for this review of ViolentSexGames. It should come as no surprise that this is regularly considered by our team to be one of the hottest spots around for addicts of BDSM entertainment. If you're someone who fucks with violent games and you want one that has a pornographic focus, I can think of little reason why you wouldn't head on over to this place right now to see what the deal is. Signing up takes just a few seconds and once inside, you can play their games over and over again. It's terrific stuff and it's why we're giving it our official seal of approval! Thanks for reading and enjoy your time with the BDSM XXX gaming goodness offered by ViolentSexGames.

Review Pros

  • Huge game collection
  • Free bonus videos
  • Multi-language support

Review Cons

  • No Mac launcher
  • Forums were broken

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