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Hey guys and welcome to my review here today on Strip Games! Over the last few months, we've been looking all over the Internet for the best spots online to visit if you're a genuinely horny gamer that wants to jerk off while playing. That's what brings us to Strip Games: a hub that proclaims to have a sweet collection of XXX gaming solutions for your hard cock needs. If you're looking for an expert opinion on Strip Games and want to know whether or not it's any good, read on for my full thoughts and feelings on the topic. Let's see whether Strip Games converts me into a believer or a critic!

Signing up and logging into Strip Games

From start to finish, the process of creating an account and getting inside took about 30 seconds. The confirmation email they sent came immediately and yeah – everything about the whole process was streamlined and convenient. When you're inside, Strip Games showcases all of their available games that you can play, sorted by default based on its release date. If you want, you can hit the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner to instead switch this over to ratings instead – that's typically how you find out where the best games are in communities like this!

Strip Games originally launched in August of 2014 and has procured a pretty sizable collection of just over 63 games since then. They've also got another 5 titles in the pipeline that you can see preview footage from – not too shabby if you're someone who looks forward to future releases. Strip Games regularly patches old titles and also adds various content expansions to their flagship products for the purposes of keeping them fresh, enjoyable and more importantly of all, hot as fuck. Let's take one of these games for a ride, shall we?

Teen Truth or Dare at Strip Games

I decided it would be best for me to play Teen Truth or Dare as my first game of choice. What's cool about this title is that you get to pick all of the characters who take part, with the option to have 3 to 6 people involved in the action. Once you've picked the characters (you can even design them if you'd prefer), a story lasting a few minutes will play out that's based in a school. You'll soon find yourself in a girl's house with a bottle in the middle of the group – it's time to play Truth or Dare! Things start out tame, but if you make the correct decisions, trigger the right dialog and play through the game with a little patience, you'll end up with full-on sexual action with barely legal amateurs.

Perhaps the best element of Teen Truth or Dare – as well as the other great games I played while I was here – is the fact that the quality of the rendering is simply fantastic. Long gone are the days of budget Flash-based games developed by amateurs being the dominating source of porn gaming: Strip Games is a modern hub and yeah, they really know what they're doing here.

Free bonus porn videos at Strip Games

When you've finished enjoying all of the sexy stripping games, go ahead and click on the 'videos' button on the header of the website. This will bring you to a special tube collection of porn videos that you've got to take a look at. Strip Games has around 6,000 different videos here, all of which are available for streaming or download in 1080p and 720p formats.

They've also got categorized niches, so if you're looking for Asian, teen, MILF or BDSM porn, simply click on the appropriate fetish and you'll be given all the videos you could ever want devoted to the topic! It's also possible to sort these full-length sex movies based on length, rating and views if you'd prefer. It's so nice to have a huge array of options for picking and finding the porn video of your dreams!

Conclusion on Strip Games

So when all is said and done, Strip Games really does deliver a great experience for your average member. The process to join is painless, it's totally free and on the other side, you've got a decent cache of stripping sex games that'll make you rock solid in a matter of minutes. I can't think of too many reasons why you wouldn't visit this website, so do yourself a favor and head on over right now – Strip Games has everything you want plus a whole lot more! Anyway folks, that's it from me: thanks for reading and have a great time over at Strip Games.

Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Regular content updates
  • Free XXX videos

Review Cons

  • Some cam adverts
  • No community forums

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