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Hello there and welcome! On this website, you're going to find top quality reviews on the best games around: in this analysis, we're going to look at a place called Sex Slave Games. As you can probably figure out, the central premise of this destination is to show you the finest sluts who're begging to be dominated and treated as sexual objects. It's quite a developed destination, so if you'd like to find out more about what's on offer and whether or not it's worth checking out, continue reading for my full thoughts and analysis. Suffice to say that if you're in the business of enjoying top-tier XXX games, this is something you don't want to miss out on!

First impressions of Sex Slave Games

From start to finish, the process of creating an account and logging in took around 60 seconds here at Sex Slave Games: they really want to get you inside as quickly as possible, which is something I'm more than happy to give them a lot of credit for. Note that Sex Slave Games operates a developer studio as well as a publishing house – what this means for you is that the people who provide these games are also creating them. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best method possible for giving you access to enjoyable BDSM games, so I'm really glad that this is the current system that they have in place. The interior design is pretty stellar too – it's obvious that they care very much about keeping things neat and tidy here.

Sex Slave Games – playing the titles

So up next was the job of actually playing the games here, which I feel were actually quite enjoyable. Sex Slave Games does a pretty stellar job of providing a nice, high quality environment for you to game in. What do I mean by this? Well firstly, you can download a launcher if you're on Windows 7, 8 or 10 in order to access the content they have locally. Sex Slave Games wastes absolutely no time with the download speeds either: I was able to cap out my connection at around 15 MB/s and I wouldn't be surprised if things could be faster given the right conditions. If you don't actually want to download anything to your computer, all major browsers are supported, so if you're running with Opera, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, you'll be able to engage the vast majority of what Sex Slave Games has to offer. These are all built on the WebGL platform too, so you don't have to worry about the upcoming doom that Flash has bestowed upon us – it's all good at Sex Slave Games!

Enjoying Sex Slave Games

The best games that I played here were First Time Sluts and Submission Mansion. Submission Mansion was particularly enjoyable: you run a huge house where you keep dozens of girls and regularly have new ladies come in that want to join your enterprise. Your job is to train these new pieces of meat, show them the ropes when it comes to being a good cum slut and yeah – it's fantastic stuff when you get down into it. Submission Mansion also has content you can unlock by completing various missions and that type of thing. The entire experience was really quite cool – definitely something that the horny gamers reading this are going to love.

One final thing I want to mention before wrapping everything up is that Sex Slave Games has recently indroduced a huge archive of XXX videos that you can watch – all themed on hardcore BDSM entertainment. I know that might sound weird and interesting to a lot of people: believe me, it's an absolute heaven once you're inside. If you thought the hardcore kinky games were enough, think again! Sex Slave Games has over 800 enjoyable, full-length high definition BDSM porn videos for you to jerk off over. You'll be shooting ropes all over the place, no doubt about it.

Final words on Sex Slave Games

So yeah – how does Sex Slave Games stack up in the grand scheme of things? Pretty damn well if you ask me: their commitment to giving you the world's hottest array of XXX entertainment in a BDSM gaming approach is simply fantastic. I'm confident you're going to feel in a similar way to me, which is why I'm giving Sex Slave Games my official seal of approval. This place delivered and then some, so if you want to visit a temple of perfection with a focus on BDSM sex game goodness, check out this place and enjoy. As always – thanks for reading my review and check back the next time you need advice on the hottest places online for XXX gaming fun.

Review Pros

  • Free bonus videos
  • Regular patch updates
  • Fast download speeds

Review Cons

  • Some adverts

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