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Sex Simulator review

Hello there and welcome! If you're new to the platform, you're in for a real big shock: this is pretty much the go-to destination online if you're looking for the best porn games out there. In today's review, I'm going to be heading on over to a place by the name of Sex Simulator to see what it has to offer. I've read some positive things about this hub before, but it's important for me to see this for myself so I can give you a professional, honest analysis of what's going on. So, without further ado, let's crack open Sex Simulator and see what the deal is.

The member's area of Sex Simulator

It took all of 60 seconds for me to go from signing up to signing into Sex Simulator – they've got a streamlined account creation process and all you really need is an email address and password to get inside. The first thing you'll notice about Sex Simulator is that they've got a hell of a lot of focus on giving you access to their game from the get go. This might sound silly, but the interface to download – or just play in the browser – is incredibly convenient and useful. Speaking of which, I will mention that Sex Simulator has a client that can be stored locally for MacOS and Windows machines, but nothing for our Linux friends. Sex Simulator can also be played in your browser if you so desire, with compatibility offered for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers. Note that Flash isn't used here, so there won't be issues going forward with access if you're using Chrome.

How Sex Simulator works

What's great about Sex Simulator is that you've got so much customization here – they've got a whole area devoted to creating the perfect broad, which I want to talk about in-depth before I go any further. Firstly, you'll have 20 different preprogrammed models that the designers have included for you – these include black chicks, Asian babes and white ladies. If you'd prefer to really create your own minx, feel free to select an empty 'doll' slot and go crazy. You've got around 40 different things to play around with here, including hair color, waist to hip ratio, leg length, pussy hair status and even the shade of the butthole – Sex Simulator really does give you an extreme level of customization.

In addition to creating your own or picking one of the preprogrammed dolls, Sex Simulator has 15 different pornstars and celebrities for you to pick from. You'll find Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Piper Perri, Sasha Grey and Bridgette B here – great stuff and perfect if you feel like fucking them nice and hard. Anyway, after playing around with your broad of choice, feel free to go ahead and load up the actual simulator. This is where the magic happens, since you have an extreme level of control over what goes on. We're talking the ability to pick sexual positions, personalities (passive, shy, aggressive and crazy) and pace. You've also got a few different cum buttons depending on how you feel like doing it. All in all, terrific stuff – Sex Simulator even lets you unlock various outfits, locations and extras by earning tokens from playing the game. There's progress to be made in this title too – sweet!

Bonus porn videos from Sex Simulator

Although this isn't mentioned in the tour, your porn game here also comes with free bonus access to a tube collection of over 4,000 hardcore sex videos. These are streamed by default, but if you want to download them, you're allowed to store 20 locally every 24 hours. Note that these aren't exclusive, but they are offered in full 1080p HD formats. I don't know about you, but I'll never pass on the opportunity to enjoy full high definition sex videos. Especially when they star some of the hottest broads who've ever been involved in the adult entertainment business.

My conclusion on Sex Simulator

The jury's no longer out on this particular project: I think it's safe to say that Sex Simulator swings. Somehow this project hasn't become the most talked about porn game of all time, but I can really see it becoming successful over the next year or so as they get more visitors and add features. The game is technically still in beta, but don't let that put you off: this is a fully developed tool for simulating sex and if any gamer out there likes the sound of that, grab an account today. Okay well – that's it from me. Thanks for reading and as always, be sure to stop by for more great gaming porn analysis whenever you need it.

Review Pros

  • Stellar graphics
  • Fun community
  • Bonus XXX videos

Review Cons

  • Still in beta

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