Sex Penetrator

Sex Penetrator – The Ultimate Sex Simulator

Sex Penetrator is a fresh sex simulator in which all your fantasies can come true. The wide variety of characters, locations and kinks that you can experiment with in this game makes it a perfect choice for any hardcore adult gamer out there. On top of that, the graphics and the engine of the game makes it one of the best releases of all times.

I’m sure you will cum in minutes while playing this game and I’m also sure that you will find it hard to believe that the game is actually free. But don’t take my word for it. Get on the link and convince yourself of the awesomeness of this title. Before you do so, read the rest of our review for a full description of what you’re about to get.

The Complete Experience

What I love the most about Sex Penetrator is the fact that it comes with so many characters and so many kink situations. When it comes to characters, they all have kind of the same built. They’re tall vixens with perfect tits and great asses and they all have some marvelous pussies. I love the ethnic variety of the game, because it also brings Asians and Latinas, and it even features some sexy elves.

The variety is also applied when it comes to the kinks you’re about to enjoy. You can have one on one sex as hardcore as you want, but you can also enjoy threesomes with two chicks and lesbian moments, or with two dudes and double penetration. Talking about DP, the game also comes with gang bangs, in which the helpless hotties are covered in cum. Although there are no voiceovers in the game and the dialogue comes as text, there are sex sound effects which include moans, grunts and screams.

This amazing game can be played for free right now. Follow our link and confirm your age. That’s all you have to do before playing. No download, no payments, no registration and no BS. Just hardcore adult gaming.

Review Pros

  • Neat Character Design
  • Lots of Fuckable Chicks
  • Unbelievable Graphics

Review Cons

  • All Dialogue Is Text Based

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