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Red Dead Redemption Game review

If you've stumbled across this review because you love porn and you love Red Dead Redemption, welcome! If not, then I suggest you either stick around or scarper real quick – I've got an full analysis to get through and I'm not going to sit around explaining it, especially when there are games to enjoy! Now I've always been a big fan of RDR which is likely why I was given this review – I'm not going to sign off without giving it a complete look over though, so let's get into the swing of things and see how well Red Dead Redemption Game does, shall we?

My initial analysis

The game is currently in beta, which might sound bad, but it's actually a huge win for horny gamers out there. Why, you ask? Well – it means that you'll be able to sign up and try out Red Dead Redemption Game completely free of charge! That's right: until this game is officially released, you can grab an account and try it without paying a penny. I don't know about you, but that seems like an epic offer from where I'm sitting. Additionally, you've got the ability to play Red Dead Redemption Game in your browser, with support for Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. Perhaps the only downside here is the fact that you'll be limited to 30 FPS and 1080p. If you want to get past those limits, simply download the Windows or Mac launchers. Note that the limitation here isn't decided by the developers – it's just a lack of engine processing power that browsers have. Still, with both options on the table, you can decide what you want to do – all the more power to the gamer, right?

Playing the Game

All of your favorite Red Dead Redemption features are included in the porn sequel, including a few new ones that are a little more 'erotically' focused. You'll be able to fish, engage in epic firefights, hunt down outlaws, gamble at the bar and improve your character with various talents, weapon upgrades and so on. That's all of the stuff that Red Dead Redemption Game has that isn't porn related – quite a collection of goodies, right? Well wait until you hear about the erotic stuff in this game – it just takes the experience to the next level!

Porn elements

Almost all of the NPCs that you'll come across are willing to fuck you under the right circumstances – it's up to you to determine exactly what they are! For instance, some of the ladies want straight-up cash, whereas others are more interested in you helping them complete quests. Red Dead Redemption Game also has a fully immersive dialog system where what you says matters. Can you charm the panties off of a sexy girl at the bar? Give it a shot in Red Dead Redemption Game!

The conclusion

I won't beat around the bush here, friends: I'm more than happy to go ahead and sign off on the entire Red Dead Redemption Game experience. From start to finish I felt like I was in a real AAA title, only I knew I wasn't because they delivered on those cock teasing characters everyone loves so much! I'm confident that fans of RDR will have an absolute ball here, so if that's you – do yourself a favor and sign up now. Anyway folks, that's all I've got to say on this particular project. Thanks for reading and come back any time you need advice on the best XXX gaming projects around!

Review Pros

  • Accurate parody artwork
  • Regular patch updates
  • Bonus CGI porn renders

Review Cons

  • Chat doesn't work good

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