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I've come across some fantastically named porn games in the past, as well as some ones that have fell short of what I'd consider to be creative excellence: I think you can probably guess which category RealAdultSexGame fits into. Despite the branding being a little on the poor side, it might be the case that the overall product is actually pretty damn good. Naturally, there's only one real way for me to find out – by checking this place out and seeing how it stacks up against the competition. So yeah, with that in mind, let's go ahead and see what fantastic adventures await us over at RealAdultSexGames – I can't wait!

First impressions of RealAdultSexGame

So in terms of first impressions, RealAdultSexGame looks pretty damn cool once you get inside. Their navigation is quite modern and it's obvious that they've invested a lot into a proper design that makes people feel like they're playing a top-tier XXX game. Note that regardless of what device you're on, Real AdultSexGame has a way for you to play their release. Both Windows and MacOS users can download a launcher for the game or, alternatively, anyone on any device can use their browser to run it directly from the website. Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge are officially supported by RealAdultSexGame, so 99% of you won't have any issues when it comes to loading this bad boy up. Speaking of which – how about I actually take RealAdultSexGame for a spin?

The premise of RealAdultSexGame

RealAdultSexGame is a role playing title that is largely controlled by various dialog options and movement controls that you have available to you. At the start, you'll be prompted to create a character and to select a backstory – this will influence your starting location, items and connections. Note that depending on your choices, what happens in Real Adult Sex Game will change. This means that there's lots of replay value, something I can really get behind, since according to the game's official guide, there are well over 60 unique NPCs that you can enjoy rendered sex scenes with. Now while the plot and mechanics are good here, the major selling point for me was the quality of the graphics. They've done such a fantastic job of making this release look modern, slick and yeah – it's just fantastic visually.

Final comments on RealAdultSexGame

Signing up here is completely free of charge and playing RealAdultSexGame – which is currently in beta – just makes sense if you're into these types of games. It does take a little bit to get into the erotic action, but it's entirely worth it as far as I'm concerned: you can't beat well earned, good quality sex with NPCs, right? Anyway, that just about does it for my review and analysis on RealAdultSexGame. I'll be really excited to revisit this title once it's out of beta, but until then, be sure to take a look and to come back and let me know how you went! Thanks for reading: have a great squeeze.

Review Pros

  • Completely free game
  • Complex dating mechanics
  • Supports all browsers

Review Cons

  • Still in beta
  • No music slider

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