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Howdy friends – let's talk about adult games! In this review, I'm going to be heading on over to a place called Monster Games: as the name might suggest, it's where you ought to go if you like things that are a little wild, animalistic and supernatural, but also super hot and erotic. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting this spot before, so I'm excited to see what's on offer and whether or not MonsterSexGames does a decent job of providing people who visit access to top-tier XXX gaming goodness. With that in mind, let's go ahead and see what this place has inside, shall we? Read on for a full, thorough analysis of what MonsterSexGames brings to the table.

First impressions at MonsterSexGames

So after the signing up and logging in process, you'll be presented with the main member's area of MonsterSexGames. What's particularly impressive about this destination is the simple fact that MonsterSexGames has kept things neat, tidy and convenient to navigate. They're not beating around the bush here and want to give you access to the goodies with very little issues. From a consumer perspective, this really allows you to enjoy the finest XXX goods without wasting time. I've always been of the opinion that if you're looking for world class adult entertainment, you want to join a site that gives it to you from the get go. So the fact you can click on multiple links here to load up any game you so desire is very much my idea of a good situation to be in. Now then, let's play some games!

Some games from MonsterSexGames

So the first game that I decided was worth taking for a spin here on Monster Games was World of Domination. This one is a role playing game where you take on the position of a man – or a woman – who's sent off to a distant planet for the purposes of research. Unfortunately for you, it turns out that everyone who lives on this planet is addicted to sex and just wants to fuck you non-stop. Some of these beings are worth sleeping with, whereas others will leave a lot to be desired. It's your job to weed out the good from the bad here, so pick from the array of Orcs, Elves, Pixies, Dwarves and so on – World of Domination has a pretty decent combat system and I've got little doubt that any genuine gamer out there isn't going to love it. So far, so good for the experience at MonsterSexGames.

Next up, I wanted to play Mutant Destruction. This one is a little more graphic than the others, but still great if you're into enjoying some high quality gaming action with a focus on mutations, fantasy role playing aspects and that type of thing. Mutant Destruction is visually impressive – there are very few titles that'll make you this amazed at the ability for a porn-focused studio to output some stunning visuals. I think they built all of their titles on the Unity Engine too, so it's little wonder how things look so damn amazing here.

Bonus 3D rendered videos to watch

If you're really not feeling like playing some games, but still want a monster fuck experience, head on over to the videos section inside Monster Games. Here, you'll find over 200 renders – all exclusive to the platform – that you can stream or download. All of the uploads are CGI focused looks at fantasy characters engaging in wild sex. We're talking about World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Game of Thrones and so on – they've got a designer dedicated to putting together porn scenes from these types of media and yeah, I think they're great to watch. The length can range from 60 seconds to 5 minutes in length – the latest ones are the best, plus they're all offered in 1080p, so they look fantastic on any monitor.

My closing remarks on MonsterSexGames

So yeah – that's all I want to talk about here with regard to MonsterSexGames. I think you can see that when it comes to the topic of wild XXX entertainment with a monster focus, this is a nice place to get your hands on the goods. They ship top quality product here and the take-home analysis is that you should stop by if the niche in question sounds appealing to you. Anyway folks, that's just about it from this review. I hope I've given you the influence required to head on over to MSG for a little look – definitely consider creating a free account to try these games out, they're fantastic! Take care and happy jerking.

Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Regular patches
  • Multiple supported languages

Review Cons

  • No launcher available
  • No native widescreen

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