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MinecraftSexGames – Rule 32 Of The Internet

I don’t know if you are familiar with Rule 32 of The Internet. In case you’ve never heard of it, I’m going to enlighten you. Rule 32 states that if it exists, there is porn of it. Basically, no matter what game, cartoon, movie or story you see on the internet, there will be porn of it. And another proof that checks this rule out is the Minecraft Sex Game. Yes, you’ve read that right. There’s a Minecraft porn parody, and it’s pretty fun to play. It’s not about building universes together with your friends, though. It’s about living the naughty fantasies in your own universe. You will be amazed of how fun it can be to have sex with all those blockheads. The fun possibilities are endless. There are all kinds of sex involved in the game. Of course, you won’t get the graphics and physics you usually get in other porn parody games. But you will get all the kinks and so many role play scenarios that will make this game actually enjoyable, even by adult gamers who haven’t actually played Minecraft. I’ve seen a review by a dude who has never enjoyed the original game, and after he played this parody, he downloaded the original game.

Is Minecraft Porn A Thing?

There is a lot of Minecraft fan art out there, and a big part of it is porn. So, there was always a big fan base to enjoy this game. But the developers never thought the game will take off so well. It’s enjoyed outside the fanbase of the Minecraft porn. And that’s because of the open-world concept, that’s so rare in the case of adult games. There are some GTA porn parodies, which are coming with semi-open world xxx gameplay, in the sense that you will get to drive around in a car from place to place, where you will enter different buildings and the sex scenes will load on the screen. But this Minecraft Sex Game is really something that you need to check out. It comes with true open-world experience. You will run around with your avatar, looking for other NPCs to bang in all kinds of ways. And there’s lots of hot kink games that you can play. Extreme sex, domination, gang bangs, roleplay and much more, which will include all the kinks you need, from oral and titty fucking to anal and facials.

The Minecraft Sex Game Graphics

There are gamers who play games for graphics, gamers who play them for the story, and then there’s the Minecraft players. Minecraft is the game for which graphics are the least of the problems. So, when the developers had to create this game, the graphics department went home so early every day. You will get that blocky, pixelated graphics of the original game. Most of the characters have blocky boobs and asses. Basically, these are some kind of Lego characters on PS1. What I like about the Minecraft sex game is the open world in which you play it. The sandbox is huge and it features all kinds of different environments, with different type of characters waiting for you and so many different kink games. So, although it looks like a sleezy job, but in fact it hides many underneath that you will understand when you start playing the game.

Play The Minecraft Sex Game Online

There are so may games with realistic hot characters on the internet. So, why do I recommend a Minecraft XXX Game? Well, if you ever played Minecraft before, you sure get it. And if you’ve never played Minecraft before, try this test. Play the XXX version of Minecraft first and then see if you feel like wanting to try the original game. And if you do this, please let us know about it. We’re really curious. But back to what matters. The Minecraft porn game is a pretty interesting release. There were some other Minecraft xxx parodies launched on various adult gaming sites, but we can’t even compare them with this new release. In the past we usually got a Flash sex scene with a character that somehow resembled a Minecraft babe. However, this release has the real deal. Open world sex action. This game would have been awesome if they would have enabled some kind of multiplayer feature. And I really hope that this is just a beta for a true Minecraft multiplayer porn game.

Review Pros

  • Fun parody content
  • Lots of updates
  • 24/7 customer support

Review Cons

  • Cannot download videos
  • Some adverts inside

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