Jerk Dolls – Try The Sex Doll Experience

Sex dolls will be a thing, but not before everyone will get over themselves and accept that owning a sex doll can be awesome. Well, if you want to ease in that thought, you need to try out this new game. Jerk Dolls is a sex doll simulator and it has everything you need for an immersive experience in the virtual world with a sex doll. This game comes with enhanced customization and so many hardcore kinks that you can try with the sex dolls you created. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun with this game, but before you go play it, let me tell you more about it in the rest of this review.

Create Any Doll You Want And Then Fuck Her However You Want

Although this is a sex doll simulator, the game can be used as a celebrity sex game or as a game in which you can fuck your crush. And that’s because there’s a great customization menu that will let you recreate the women of your dream as sex dolls. You can change everything about their bodies, from shapes and sizes to facial traits, hair and accessories. You can dress them however you want. And this is the same experience that you will get when customizing your very own sex doll in real life. And just like in real life, you will get to fuck these dolls however you want.

You can put it in their pussy, in their ass or down their throat, you can cum all over their body, you can use toys on them, spank them or punish them if you want a more BDSM gameplay. This whole experience can be enjoyed for free directly into your browser. You don’t need to download, you don’t need to register and more importantly, you don’t need to pay or give them your credit card info. Just free and unlimited online gaming on both computer and mobile. Play Jerk Dolls tonight!

Review Pros

  • Excellent Customization Menu
  • Compatibility With All Devices
  • Online Multiplayer Available

Review Cons

  • No Comment Section

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