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FuckedUpSexGames review

Howdy friends – welcome back to our website for another top-tier review! Today, I'm going to be looking at FuckedUpSexGames: I think the name gives away a little of what this place is supposed to be about. I hope you've been looking far and wide on the Internet for some high quality, extreme and kinky XXX gaming entertainment, because from what I can piece together, that's exactly what FuckedUpSexGames focuses on! Now if you'd like to know more about this place and what it brings to the jerking table, read on for my full thoughts and analysis. I can't wait to get on over to this hub to check out what's going on.

First thoughts on Fucked UpSexGames

So before I go ahead and do anything else, I want to let you know that all of the games here are played from your browser – no need to download anything locally. FuckedUpSexGames currently supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari, with alleged compatibility with Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer, although they state that they cannot guarantee their games will work on those browsers forever. As things stand, FuckedUpSexGames has a cache of 63 games – all of which are exclusive to the platform. They produce and publish these games too, so you're getting a double whammy with your membership: not a bad thing to be a part of, that's for sure.

The games at FuckedUpSexGames

Since there are so many games here, I figured it was best just to talk about my experience here generally. I decided to try out 10 different games based on community ratings and yeah – they were absolutely fantastic. I was happy to see that the title lives up to the reality too: you're going to witness a hell of a lot of rough, hardcore pounding on an incredible level. FuckedUpSexGames has titles such as Wild Horny Sluts, Daddy's Domination, Her Virgin Holes and Anal Destroyers. What's quite cool is the fact that there are lots of different gaming genres here – action games, story-driven choice titles and RPGs to name but a few. I think the story games are my favorite: it's always nice to be able to sit back with a hand free as you go through all of the options and decide what happens next.

My conclusion on FuckedUpSexGames

Look gang – I think the fact that FuckedUpSexGames is completely free of charge to visit is pretty damn amazing, so my ultimate recommendation here is for you to create an account and see what's happening yourself. With over 60 games to try out, you really can't go wrong – especially since they're all themed around BDSM, domination, rough sex, through fucking and that type of thing. Fucked Up SexGames defied all expectations and because of that, it's getting an official seal of approval. Thanks for reading this review and be sure to come back any time you need advice on the best places to go online for hardcore XXX gaming fun. Happy jerking!

Review Pros

  • Over 60 games
  • Completely free platform
  • Helpful user forums

Review Cons

  • No downloadable launcher
  • No bonus videos

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