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Howdy friends – welcome back to our world-famous review platform! If you're new here, you should probably know that when it comes to giving people access to in-depth reviews on the best destinations around, we're pretty much masters of the trade. Right now, we're going to be spending a little bit of time going over a hub by the name of Free Adult Games to see what it has to offer and, in addition to that, explore the pros and cons of grabbing a membership. If you've dreamed of a destination with world-class XXX games that was completely free to access, continue reading – we'll tell you whether Free Games is the place that'll satisfy your desires!

Member's area

The process of signing up and signing into Free Games took me around 60 seconds: it's simple to do and if you'd like to try for yourself, you'll be inside in an instant. What I really loved from the get go about Free Games was the fact that it looked so damn attractive – they've got a tidy design that makes navigation and access a walk in the park. You're going to be able to also look at the patch notes for all of their titles in the 'news' section, so if you want to know what was recently updated or changed, check there for a deeper look at what's going on behind the scenes.

At the time of writing this review at the start of January in 2020, Free Games had a selection of 44 different games that you could play. What makes this collection particularly notable is the fact that they're completely developed – and maintained – by the people behind the website. This exclusive array of delicious adult gaming goodies cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet, so if you want to try them out, you're going to have to come here in order to do exactly that.

Game time

I decided that it was best to go ahead and explore exactly what Free Games had to offer, so I kicked things off by loading up Erotic Dark Dreams. The title might not be much to go on, but the game here is really quite something. You'll find yourself in a fantasy setting that I think is best to describe as being similar to that of Skyrim – it certainly feels that was aesthetically. What's impressive about Erotic Dark Dreams is the fact that even without the adult element, it's still a great game to play. You'll be able to collect loot, engage in combat, level spells, unlock special talents and find epic pieces of equipment. All of the female NPCs in Erotic Dark Dreams seem available sexually, although some will put out for a variety of different reasons. While some might want you to do a quest, others expect gold coins or simply a good conversation where you charm them. There are lots of avenues to getting the goods, so explore your options and have fun with it.

More games

After playing Erotic Dark Dreams, I decided to check out Path of Sluts, Whore World and Massage King – all great titles that I highly recommend you see for yourself. Massage King has some of the best graphics I've come across in an adult game: it looks so modern and really does a great job of showing you what it's like to massage a sexy babe. You'll have full customization in this title too – you can literally craft the perfect woman. We'll talking skin tone, hair color, body shape, height, personality and voice. Massage King also has a little management involved where you build up a business and try to find the best (and sexiest) clients. As with Erotic Dark Dreams, even if you're not playing it for the porn aspect, it's still really fun.

Final words

Okay friends – that's essentially all I want to discuss today with regard to Free Games. My experience here was a positive one and I'm hoping that you go through a similar experience when you play it for yourself. The sheer quantity – and quality – of the games on offer here is incredible. Let's also not forget the fact that you can play them all completely free of charge: if that's not an extra-special bonus worth paying attention to, I don't know what is! When all is said and done, Free Games really delivered and then some. Take a little look, create an account and enjoy – you know you want to! Thanks for reading this expert porn review brought to you by Free Games.

Review Pros

  • Great site design
  • Free to play
  • Downloadable launchable available

Review Cons

  • No Linux support
  • Some adverts

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