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Foot Fetish Games review

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to enjoy some top quality foot fetish gaming content online? Well wonder no more, because in this review, I'm going to be spilling the beans on a destination by the name of Foot Fetish Games. As you've probably figured out by the name, this is all foot-focused gaming goodness and better yet, it's completely free for you to enjoy! I'm really pumped to be able to take you on a journey in this review to see what's going on here and to decide whether or not membership is worth it. So, with that in mind, let's grab an account and see what Foot Fetish Games has waiting for us inside!

First impressions of Foot Fetish Games

So the first thing you'll notice about Foot Fetish Games is that it's a collection of releases here, as opposed to just a single porn game. At the time of writing this review in the early part of 2020, there were 16 different foot-focused XXX titles, with another 4 planned to be released throughout the rest of the year. I'm pretty confident that anyone who's serious about this genre is going to be incredibly happy with the quantity of titles here: it's nice to finally find a place that has such a concentrated niche fully explored and indulged in. Speaking of which, I want to go over some of the games here, so let's do exactly that and see what's on offer.

Foot Fetish Games: first time playing

So the very first game I decided to play here on Foot Fetish Games was the latest one released – it went by the name of Tootsie Massage Paradise and yes, this one is themed around massages, foot rubs and that type of thing. Instead of just being a straight-up simple game, it's actually more a job simulator, as silly as that may sound. Basically, you start a professional service for giving women foot rubs – you'll be able to pick and choose clients, book appointments, perform various types of massages and so on. Do note that the approach you take and things you say during the massage will heavily influence the outcome you get. If you're looking to get a footjob – and then a fuck – be sure to take things slowly and don't come across as a creep: that'll hold you back quite a lot and you'll rarely see any action unless the client you've got has a 10 on the slut factor (I'm not even kidding here – you literally have a slut factor in-game to help you understand what each client is like).

Next up, I decided to try a game called Footjob Simulator – the name is pretty generic, but the action is anything but. What really stood out to me with Footjob Simulator was the graphical quality of the project – it's really quite obvious that they've spent a hell of a lot of time making this game look as perfect as possible and you're going to love every second of it when you load it up for the very first time. The gameplay is quite straightforward and yeah – you'll be controlling some hot footjob action. Pick from over 30 chicks (with a few pornstars included) and you'll get your cock pleasured in no time at all! This game features pretty good voice acting too, so make sure you've got your headphones on.

Bonus videos at Foot Fetish Games

When you feel like taking a break from playing the games, go right ahead and head on over to the 'videos' section of Foot Fetish Games: this is where you'll find a collection of 700+ XXX videos all featured around feet. There are some top-tier pornstars here, including the likes of Brandi Love, Riley Reid, Tori Black, Vina Sky and Haley Reed – quite the array of professional fuckers that use their feet like absolute goddesses. All scenes are either 720p or 1080p: my only issue was the fact that it's streaming only with no download available, but since they're offered free of charge, I'm not going to complain too much!

My conclusion on Foot Fetish Games

I spent a total of 2 hours or so looking around this website and yeah – when all is said and done, I think that Foot Fetish Games is one of the best platforms out there for people who're looking for this type of material. Addicts of foot fetish gaming, as well as XXX videos, ought to check this place out and grab an account before it's too late. As far as free gaming hubs go, I can't think of many with a niche as focused as this that do so well – well worth a visit! Thank you for taking the time to read this review – I hope your time at Foot Fetish Games is as good as mine was! Take care and enjoy your next jerking session.

Review Pros

  • Hot feet porn games
  • Regular patch updates
  • Free bonus videos

Review Cons

  • No downloads available
  • Long game loading times

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