Fen OXO review

For those who aren't too sure on who Fen OXO is: this guy produces some of the most enjoyable – but strange – porn games on the planet. If you're looking for some wild NSFW entertainment and want to venture into the world of crazy tentacles, hentai, girl cocks, cat tails and more, this is the spot online for you. Fen OXO has been a regular source for twisted, niche games that make a lot of guys cum in a matter of minutes. I'm going to be talking about the project and blog down below, so read on if you want more details!

Fen OXO: the blog

While I do want to talk about the blog a little, I think it's important to also mention that there's a whole community here surrounding the Fen OXO project. The Discord server is where a lot of you horny weebs are going to be hanging out: at the time of writing this review, there were 2,000 active members online and tens of thousands offline (probably sleeping and preparing themselves for a stellar day of pornographic gaming). I do suggest that you take a look at this server if you get the chance: lots of channels to discuss various things and to get the latest updates directly from the man himself.

Games from Fen OXO

There are three main projects from Fen OXO that you should check out: Trails In Tainted Space, Corruption Of Champions and, of course, Corruption Of Champions II. Versions are available for browsers or downloading, so the choice is all yours. You can also enjoy some of the works on Android devices and to a lesser extent, those on iOS (iPhones). I can't vouch for the quality of these personally, but I can tell you that the web-based versions of Fen OXO's productions are incredible. This is supreme porn gaming, folks: it also functions as a labor of love, which I know plenty of you are going to adore.

The Fen OXO blog entries

The blog for Fen OXO is features stuff such as change logs, new content added to the games and cheeky fan art that has been sent in by fans. As I mentioned before: this is a great place for people who live hentai to get their hands on the goods – there's a real passion for original art here and homebrew anime lewds. Especially on the forums, which rival the Discord and have a little bit of a slower pace if you'd like to bring things down a notch.

My conclusion on Fen OXO

When push comes to shove, the games produced here are fantastic and the artwork is simply magical. Anime geeks, hentai addicts and general weebs will feel right at home looking through the blog and playing the games that Fen OXO puts out there. I had a whale of a time enjoying the sights and I think you will too. It's nice to see a developer who's down to Earth and keeps everyone in the know about what's going on. Anyway, that's it from me – cheers for reading and drop by this platform any time you need advice on the best places to go for XXX fun. Cheers and have a good jerk!

Review Pros

  • Easy to navigate
  • Hot free games
  • Lots of patch notes

Review Cons

  • Some weird themes
  • Average download speeds

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