Cumunista – Live The Life Of A Stud

Cumunista is one of the hottest games of the moment, and that’s because it appeals to the most common male fantasy. We all want to be hot studs, with muscles and tattoos, who are fucking chicks left and right wherever they go. This game gives you the chance to live exactly that in the virtual world.

You will play as a hot shot who runs around a new city, fucking every sexy chick he meets. Control his sex life in this hardcore porn game in which you can put it in all holes and fuck chicks however you want. The game is brand new and it comes with excellent graphics. It also has a great engine that makes all movement look out of this world. It’s like you’re watching a porn movie you can control. Here’s more of the game in this Cumunista review.

Next-Gen Graphics and Immersive Intense Sex Gameplay

What will catch your eye at first when playing this game will be the graphics. Everything looks perfect in this game. It will remind you a lot of GTA V, and that’s because it has the same character design style. Also, the shadows and light are well crafted and they make everything seem so natural. Another thing that makes the gameplay feel natural is the flawless movement. Even the fluid physics in the game it stops notch, with cum dripping of the chins and out the pussies of these girls so pleasantly. Talking about cum, the sex scenes in this game are excellent.

Everything is so wild and intense. Your character has a massive dick and whatever you do to these chicks you will sure please them. You can put it in their pussies, asses or fuck their faces. You can spank them, flip them over, choke them and make them squirt. At the end, you can cum all over them. This awesomeness can be enjoyed directly in your browser. We tested the game in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera on multiple devices, including mobile ones running on Android and iOS and we had no issues with the game.

Review Pros

  • Multiple Device Compatibility
  • Wild Sex Action
  • Free Gameplay

Review Cons

  • No Character Voiceovers

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