Com Dot Game review

Howdy friends and welcome to yet another stellar review on a game destination! Today, I'm going to be talking all about Com Dot Game: one of the most popular – and original – places to go online when you want to jerk off and game. I remember this place from a long time ago and in this review, I'll explore how things have changed, what's on offer and finally, whether or not I think Com Dot Game is worth checking out. So, with that in mind, let's shimmy on over to Com Dot Game for a look at what's going on here. I can't wait – I'm guessing you can't either!

First impressions of Com Dot Game

So the first thing to notice about Com Dot Game is that while we review a lot of platforms that are entirely devoted to high-tier games with stellar graphics, this place is a little more casual and relaxed in its approach to graphical rendering. What do I mean by this? Well, Com Dot Game has a lot of published releases that come from a long time ago – back when people didn't have great PCs and good graphics were hard to come by. They've still got that porn Flash game appeal and while many people will love that, I thought it was worth mentioning early so you don't get disappointed. We're known for focusing on artwork and quality, but we'd still like to talk about the origins of games online!

The great thing about Com Dot Game is that what they lack in quality, they make up for in quantity. There are hundreds, if not thousands of titles here. Some really good releases are available for playing too, including the likes of Pregnant Dress Up, Crazy Hangover, Kitten Maker, How To Make Friends and Naughty Classroom. Out of the 15 games I tried, all of them ran on the Flash engine – I'm not sure what they plan to do when Chrome removes compatibility next year, but they'd better have a plan to place!

Sorting features from Com Dot Game

A small little note here to make your porn browsing experience just that little bit better: there are 3 links in the header, just above the search, that I think you should check out. These include 'featured games', 'recent games' and 'popular games': click on them and the page will update with what you requested. I highly recommend the 'popular games' one if you're someone who trusts the wisdom of the crowds: there are some cracking games to play to enjoy with this method.

Com Dot Game: my final views

That just about does it for this review on Com Dot Game – I've covered pretty much everything you need to know and yeah, it's probably a good idea to head out and see things for yourself. I think that Com Dot Game really does deliver a top quality Flash gaming experience, so if that's something that sounds interesting to you, go right ahead and visit. It's not going to win any awards in the current year, but for a nostalgia trip – as well as a jerk for times gone by – it's a good place to find games. As always, thanks for reading and happy fapping!

Review Pros

  • Great free games
  • Easy to navigate
  • No account required

Review Cons

  • Completely Flash based
  • Average game quality

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