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Bangerlands 3 Review

If you've just finished playing Borderlands 3 and really, really wished there was a way to enjoy an erotic version of it, you've found the right place! Turns out that just a few weeks ago, Bangerlands 3 was released to the world and boy, is this one extra special game. It's been the horizon for this studio for quite a while, but they've finally gone ahead and pulled the trigger, so let's talk a little about what Bangerlands 3 has to offer as well as whether or not it's actually any good. Read down below and we'll get into the full details of what's available here. One thing's for sure, if you want to play a great porn game, you're going to want to know about Bangerlands 3!

First thoughts on Bangerlands 3

Note that Bangerlands 3 is a game that's supposed to be downloaded and played locally, although if you need to play a browser version, that's available. Bangerlands 3 currently supports Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as the latest Mac release – if you're up to date with your operating system, you'll likely have no issues. Still, I did try out the browser option and while the graphics aren't as stellar (it's limited to a 720p resolution to save space) it's a good option for folks that can't store a game like Bangerlands 3 on their own personal computer. Anyway, to the gameplay – it's important to talk about!

Gaming with Bangerlands 3

So in terms of gameplay here, Bangerlands 3 is essentially the same mechanically as Borderlands 3 – only with a lot more sex and fucking. I know what you want to know and yes: all of the main characters are able to be boned, even the chubby car chick and the busty broad who runs the bar. Borderlands 3 also has its art style applied to the Bangerlands 3 parody – something that you'll see from spending a little bit of time over at the tour. I'm actually really impressed with just how true to the original the quality of the graphics is here: they've done a stellar job of making this game look as incredible as possible. I've always thought that graphics in porn games were one of the most important things and Bangerlands 3 has done a stellar job of making it their main focus. Props to the artwork department here – they know what they're doing and then some!

Conclusion on Bangerlands 3

My advice with this one is to head on over to the tour link and if you like what you see, consider signing up for a full account. The process takes just 30 seconds and it's completely free – Bangerlands 3 also saves all of your character information to the cloud, so you'll never have an issue with losing a save or that type of thing. Anyway gang: I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this full review and if you liked what you came across, be sure to come back any time you need fresh advice on the best gaming destinations around for XXX addicts. Bangerlands 3 was great – go try it for yourself and let us know how much fun you had!

Review Pros

  • Great game design
  • Fantastic artwork
  • Regular patch updates

Review Cons

  • No Linux support
  • No game Wiki

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