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Adult Game Pass review

Hello friend – welcome to my review on Adult Game Pass! Are you tired of looking at low quality adult games built on Flash 10 years ago that simply don't make you hard anymore? Not to worry – I'm here to help! Adult Game Pass promises to be a stellar hub for anyone who loves hardcore porn and that also wants a gaming solution for their dirty needs. Question is: do they actually deliver on what they claim to have? My job is to head on over, create an account and then put this place to the test. So yeah, will Adult Game Pass live up to expectations, or fall short of what we'd consider to be great? Read on to find out!

First thoughts on Adult Game Pass

In terms of time spent signing up and signing in, Adult Game Pass was simply fantastic. You'll notice from the get go that Adult Game Pass also prioritizes giving you access to the games they've got above all else. There are currently 36 games for you to play – all of which are accessible from the homepage. Note that the publishers for these titles are also the producers, so you're basically guaranteed a regular stream of patch notes, content updates and so on. Adult Game Pass also has a community Discord server, as well as forums, if you want to talk shop with other horny gamers. Their forums have over 30,000 posts to date – quite impressive for a place like this, that's for sure!

Playing titles from Adult Game Pass

Naturally, we're here to try out the games, so let's do exactly that, shall we? Adult Game Pass begins with allowing you to pick between going for a launcher or alternatively, just playing from your browser. I decided the browser option was best, since I was in a bit of a rush and just wanted to try these games out as quickly as possible! The first option I went with was Chronicles of Sexualia: it might not be the most interesting of names, but the game itself is fantastic. Think Skyrim, but with hot NPCs that want to fuck you after you complete quests. Graphically, this is one of the most visually stunning games I've come across. Chronicles of Sexualia also has a full Wiki section for you to read about the game and learn how to interact with all of the NPCs. I also tried out Busty Mom Addiction, Asian Date Night, Valley Whores and Christmas Fuck Shop – they're great alternatives that people reading this are going to get hard over immediately!

Adult Game Pass: my final analysis

Okay friends – that's all for this review on Adult Game Pass. I spent a good hour inside the member's area here and yeah, I can confirm that the experience was incredibly enjoyable and worth every second of my time. My bottom line review analysis here is that Adult Game Pass offers folks who join access to a stellar collection of hardcore porn games – all of which are completely free to play. If that's not what you're looking for, I don't know what to say – this place swings and it will do for a very long time to come! Thanks for reading, now go jerk off to Adult Game Pass before you lose your hard-on.

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Community Discord server
  • Browser-based gaming

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Average load speeds

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