Would You Like A Drink 8

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Would You Like A Drink 8 Eddie is breaking bad again and he goes after Pedro to get revenge for the whole cheating situation. And this time he has a gun. But we soon come to realize that Eddie wasn’t there for revenge. He was there to get arrested, because he knew that the arrest will come from his new lady-cop friend. The lady-cop takes his ass to jail, where Eddie gets strip searched by two female prison guards. And when these two hotties see what the old man hides in his pants, they want a threesome. Enjoy a nice prison threesome in this episode, which comes with awesome lesbian action and then witness the downfall of Eddie. He is put in a cell with a killer, who beats him up and doesn’t stop until the lady cop friend of Eddie intervenes and lets the killer fuck her in exchange of Eddie’s safety.

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NL Oliano @ 19:22:03 30-04-2024

Let me play

DE Ayman @ 20:11:21 05-05-2024

Good very good

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