The Nurse Rachel

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The Nurse Rachel is a medical fetish visual novel that’s sure any old man’s fantasy whenever he goes to the doctor. The busty brunette nurse in this visual novel is famous for the way she cares for her patients. She’s especially fond of men much older than her, with wrinkly cocks. She feels like seniors need intimate care the most. Some might say she’s a prostitute. But her patients swear that her blowjobs are miraculous cures for any illness. We love what the devs of this game did with the nurse medical fetish, and also we love the great details that went into the graphics.

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BO Lolo @ 20:06:33 27-01-2023

Good Lololololo

EG Lolo @ 20:23:57 27-01-2023

Over lood game

EG Ahmed @ 18:49:20 28-01-2023

I want fuck

PE Loml @ 07:23:21 29-01-2023

Verygood muy bueno

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