The Better Landlord

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The Better Landlord comes with an interesting premise in which you will play as a young man who moves back to his hometown and becomes a landlord. But the property he bought doesn’t produce enough money for him and needs lots of repairs. You’ll guide this young entrepreneur in his business endeavors. Help him fix the place, find new tenants, and keep them happy so that they could turn a profit. As we all know, the best tenants are single young girls. But they’re also so tempting. Will you manage to keep your business up while also romancing the young girls in your building?

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EG God @ 16:39:34 23-01-2023

God fakn god

VN hoang @ 11:38:55 24-01-2023

just on game

BO Bolivia @ 20:03:19 25-01-2023

Qui ero jugarlo

RS babym @ 02:30:49 26-01-2023

on fire yeah

CO Iker roman @ 06:09:52 26-01-2023

Me gusta el juego

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