Tesys Birth Story 2

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Tesys Birth Story 2 comes with one of the most immersive and complete pregnant fetish game experiences you will find on the web. This is an original Japanese RPG that comes with no censorship. You will guide a young pregnant woman by the name of Arkone, who has a big belly that gets bigger. You will enjoy her everyday life, which is filled with hormones that make her emotional and horny. Play with her until the end, when she will give birth. We love this title because it brings an anatomically correct pregnancy kink. You’ll surely cum satisfied multiple times while playing this title.

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DE Ustinian @ 17:40:40 23-02-2023


VN Tèo @ 09:43:48 05-03-2023

Very good much

AU Emo prego @ 10:07:24 26-03-2023

Needs the options to work. Might want to actually birth twins when it says you pregnant with twins.

VN Kimhuy770 @ 15:15:29 31-03-2023


AU Big pregnant mama @ 10:03:28 03-04-2023

Please make more of the options work

AU Tilly @ 10:05:52 03-04-2023

Maybe add a scene before the birth where she is impregnated?

AU PregoMan8904 @ 10:16:49 04-04-2023

Good that your using the plural form for twins. But please ACTUALLY BIRTH TWINS.

AU Midwife @ 10:52:50 05-04-2023

Why remove twins?

AU Full term @ 11:52:37 07-04-2023

Please just birth twins when it says twins PLEASE

AU Birth nurse @ 13:32:09 12-04-2023

Add a settings at the start to choose how many babies your pregnant with maybe

US Ivy @ 22:42:24 07-06-2023

It's good

VN Montea @ 09:34:38 10-06-2023

I like game

VN Vivi @ 03:05:17 11-06-2023

Ok nice good

AU Rose @ 11:15:28 21-06-2023

Please add like a customisation menu to the game maybe?

DE Ggg @ 16:41:08 29-06-2023

You can birthday twins in the bathtub

US Piper @ 11:20:53 07-08-2023

Are there triplets?

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