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Stranded comes with a spooky story that’s similar to what we have in the classic Nicholas Cage movie The Wicker Man. You play as a young detective whose car broke down in the middle of nowhere. But he managed to find a secluded community that lives their lives off the grid. While they were happy to help you, once you start getting to know those people, you learn some horrifying aspects of their cult lifestyle. I won’t spoil the secrets here because mystery plays a major role in what makes the action in this game so thrilling. But what I will say is that the cult is not entirely bad. They managed to turn some ridiculously hot babes into brainwashed cumsluts.

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US Duy @ 23:59:11 19-01-2023

Good game i love it

IQ Thanks for @ 20:36:59 20-01-2023

Thanks for

BR Dark @ 01:31:08 21-01-2023

Oioo love pussy

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