My Catgirl Maid Chapter 1

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My Catgirl Maid Chapter 1 is a visual novel about a fantasy many nerds might have. That of having a catgirl waiting for you to return home from work. But the story in this VN is a bit different. The main character is a 20-something office rat who has nothing interesting going for him. He just lives in a small one-bedroom rental, all alone. That is until one day when he gets home to find a real-life catgirl in his room. Turns out catgirls are real in their own parallel universe, which sometimes interferes with ours. She got trapped in such interference, and now you’re stuck with her. And she’s quite a brat. This is the intro episode of the series. Enjoy!

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EG lolo33 @ 20:13:32 12-01-2023

i love sex

VN penguuiu @ 20:22:51 15-01-2023

very good

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