Leap Of Love

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Leap Of Love is a reimagined frog prince story. Instead of a prince turned into a frog, a random frog is turned into a prince by a witch. And he has 30 days to wed a woman if he wants to remain a human. Otherwise, it’s back to the froggy pond with him. There are four options. Three of them are the princess daughters of the king. And the fourth option is the MILF queen herself. They all have big tits and different personalities. You’ll need to figure out who is the best fit for you buy trying to please them all. Because of that, the adventure comes with multiple endings and a strong sandbox feeling, but also with huge replay value.

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LY Moal755 @ 03:54:58 14-01-2023

Good game

IL מממממ @ 18:45:18 14-01-2023

i love sex

EG Ahmedarafa @ 20:54:07 15-01-2023

I love games facking

EG Nice Gima @ 23:31:52 15-01-2023

Nice please

VN Duong @ 11:45:42 16-01-2023

Good very good

VN Kkkk @ 16:18:00 16-01-2023


VN Khoii @ 01:34:14 20-01-2023


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